Special edition

Photo and text: Alice Nguyen

Holiday season looks and feels very different depending on which corner of the globe you’re from. For most of us, it involves friends, family and love. This editorial in our style report, we’ve put together our wish-list wardrobe from our stylist staffs at Feathers family from very grunge jacket to very lovely skirt and no doubt some sexy dresses. If you are looking for some styling advices or unique pieces , Feathers is always the best place for you to come. Happy New Year everyone!


Extra... extra and extra! Teressa loves meticulous details on classic items. She trikes the perfect balance of keeping thing simple but luxe and chic with Moschino jacket and Sacai skirt. Finish up with the stylist heels from Nº21 


'Ronny' embellished sandals 

In-store only


Her favourite brand is Rick Owens. She loves dressing in very strong and grunge style, mixing a cool pair of trousers with a statement jacket and some desirable pieces of accessories from Goti. Simply tone down the style with neutral colour palette mix of light-gray, ivory and dust.


Meet the ultimate party-season dress. It’s seductive, slinky and impeccably sexy from Rick Owens Lilies. Perfectly pair with Cutuli Cult fur scarf, she shows us how fashion does festive.