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Originally influenced by Marissa Berenson and Kate Moss, two world travelers; each with a holiday style as influential as any catwalk collection, both perfectly combining a relaxed hippy aesthetic with a refined edge, allowing it to translate from the exotic to the urban.

Talitha woman has already flourished beyond those muses. Hersov pulled from her early life in San Francisco, growing up in a bohemian environment, where tie-dye, peasant blouses, and maxi dresses were part of her style sensibility. In part, Talitha is an extension and evolution of that world, but leaves the hippy inclination behind, replacing it with a luxurious finish. Hersov imagines the woman as a stylish bohemian, who spends her life traveling the world, leaping from one exotic location to another. Living on a whim, but always dressed for the most exceptional of eventualities.