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By Walid was launched in 2011 by Walid Al Damirji. He is from Iraq but his current studio is in London Mayfair.

He was the former creative director of London fashion label Joseph. He also owned a factory that once made clothes for brands from ranging Joseph to Whistle to Rolan Mouret. On selling up, he signed a non-complete clause keeping him out of fashion.

Once the non-complete was up, he put into motion a pet project that he'd been dreaming up based on a longstanding passion for collecting fabrics. His label By Walid includes 1920s linens, 18th century embroideries and Chinoiseries-style Spanish. These shawls were once stored in a large warehouse and have been lovingly transformed in to something for today. Each fabric is than hand-dyed before being turned into the final garments. These are then hand-finised, resulting in pieces that, in every detail, are one-of-a-kind clothes.