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In 2001, Eleonora Battistelli, Antonio Torreggiani, and Piergiorgio Piangierelli, who already worked in the fashion industry for years, decided to bring together their different skills in a voted project excellence and originality of the Made in Italy fashion. Aviù is towards a careful and sophisticated audience, attracting the attention and esteem of the largest companies of Italian yarns.


With the birth of Aviù line, the real Made in Italy has been able to express all the craftsmanship and simultaneously all its uniqueness not only through research on materials and the manipulation, but also due to the complete revision of the contemporary style that has evolved into expressions of geometric design with clean lines, attention to detail and constantly transformation. Shortly after the statement of Aviù internationally, here arrive on the market a new major project of the DFG, even more unique: the U mark Aviù. A collection, that is the extreme representation of the contemporary fashion, tells cashmere through a new vision related to luxury but also the practicality and simplicity, without forgetting the value of a precious stone encased in a modern case.