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Avant Toi was first launched in 1994 by a Italian designer called Mirjo Ghignone. After a regular course of study, he entered the family business, Liapull S.r.l, which was one of Italy’s leading cashmere firms. His role at the family business was as a creative director. He deals with the style and strategic positioning of the collections and developed the brand Avant Toi in 1994, a fine cashmere-edge, all played on colours.


His aim was to characterize a strong relationship between the art world and his aesthetic research. The core values of the Avant Toi universe are expressed in the constant research into previous yarns such as cashmere and silk. He then experiments with colouring and piece dying, using airbrush colouring, which makes each piece unique with an unrepeatable character.


The Avant Toi line is one of a kind creations brought to life through original and innovative treatments. The treatments are raised to high standards and passion typical of the artisan tradition made in Italy. Destroyed, spray painted, smoked or flocked treatments are only a few of the countless distinctive features of the brand Avant Toi.